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Thread: Help plz!! black screen when i turn on my wii

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    Unhappy Help plz!! black screen when i turn on my wii

    recently,i bricked my Wii because i installed a bad theme.but before i had did that i uninstalled my black system menu theme.soo after i installed the bad theme i returned back to the home brew channel and was about to exit so i could go check the theme out but then i realized that my Wii mote wasn't responding it would just blink then stop so i just powered it off.when i turned it back on it was just a black screen i tried powering it off and holding the rest button but the menu thing didn't pop up. i have installed priiloader and bootmii and all the other stuff i needed but non of that is really helping.

    my Wii is version 4.3u
    i hacked it using letter bomb

    my question is how can fix my Wii without buying anything, sending it to nintendo,and using nands and mod chips?
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    Did bootmii install as boot2 or as an IOS?
    Just to verify, with the console off, turning it on and holding in the reset button yields no results?

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    im not sure how bootmii was installed because it been a while since i hacked my wii

    is there a way for me to find out

    also holding rest button doesn't do nothing no more. i was able to bring up the priiloader menu before my wii was bricked

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    wow i put this in the wrong section. EPIC FAIL -___-


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