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Thread: Stuck on loading

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    Stuck on loading

    I got an official R4i-SDHC from a friend and i have a DSI lite with operating system 1.3u. I have gone tot he official site and got the official software used several different methods of formatting the 8gb sandisc sdhc microsd card. I have put only the files specified in the faqs. I put the cart into the DSI and turn it on. The game that comes up says Star Wars Lethal Alliance by Ubisoft. When I tap the game the screen goes black then only the top screen comes back on and says loading... It stays there and it doesn't change. I am a N00b to the DS but i have softmodded my wii and several other wiis so the ideas are pretty simeple. but the are alot of websites that say to try different things and i have been with wiihacks for a while and would like to have one of the pro's here help me through the process of getting this thing working for my kid. Please help.

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    Check the date and time on the ds. Make sure they are correct and try again.

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    have you tried more games, so all the games have the same error? Make sure the firmware you download is correct for your card, they have different cards with different firmwares. R4i sdhc 3ds, r4i sdhc, r4i sdhc V1.4x. and there is a chance that the old is too old and already outdated, if you can not fix it, i am afraid you need to buy another better card soon.
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