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Thread: New 3DS Owner, couple questions about the R4 cart

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    New 3DS Owner, couple questions about the R4 cart

    I read all the info available here on the forum and was having a hard time understanding a couple things...

    1. The R4 and DSTwo carts are the best from what I've read but where exactly would I buy one? The sites I've seen referenced have about 15 different versions of each cart available and it's extremely confusing because I have no idea which one I need. I have an 8gb Microsd card already so I'm assuming I'd only need the cart?

    2. Am I understanding correctly that the firmware for these carts needs to be updated every time there is a 3DS firmware update and that updating the carts kernel can only be done through a standard DS/DSi? (I have neither, just the 3DS)

    3. Also am I understanding correctly that none of these carts can play downloaded 3DS/DSWare games? Just standard DS/DSi roms?

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    1. Currently r4i gold 3ds and dstwo are the best flashcarts. if you plan to buy r4i gold 3ds card, you should buy this one: R4i Gold 3DS Wood R4i 3DS flashcard For DS DSi 3DS do not buy other R4 cards, most of them are R4 clone cards and bad cards. if you already have a sd card, then no necessory to buy another one.

    2. Not all 3DS new firmware blocks the flashcarts, but you need to remember one thing, when a new 3DS firmwares comes out, do not update it instantly, just wait until you make sure your flashcart can work on the new 3DS firmware. by the way, actually you can use a non updated 3DS console to do the update, so just keep your 3DS in old firmware. Never update your 3DS before you update your flashcart.

    3. Yeah, no flashcart can play 3DS games. only play DS games, DStwo can play gba games!
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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