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Thread: An issue with USB Loader GX Forwader and Gamecube games.

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    An issue with USB Loader GX Forwader and Gamecube games.

    So I have USB Loader GX and DIOS MIOS working fine together. However, I would like to have my Wii boot straight into USB Loader GX. So I installed the Forwarder with Priiloader, but no Gamecube games will run from the booted USB Loader. If I go into the Homebrew Channel and start up USB Loader GX the games work fine. Now I am using r1201 and the forwarder is still from the Official v3 release. I thought that this didn't matter in the case of forwarders though. Isn't a forwarder just a shortcut to the program? Please correct me if I am wrong and I could use some help on getting this all sorted out. How can I go about booting into the r1201 version of USB Loader GX?

    EDIT: Problem solved, I had forgotten to uninstall an old version of usbloader gx from my sd card and it must have been using that version.
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