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Thread: Wii Freezes during startup

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    Wii Freezes during startup

    I have been having a problem with my wii. it is softmodded 4.3 system menu. it has been running for for almost a year but then it started to act up. any time i would power it on it would freeze before i could even press A to continue. i have to keep powering off and back on and each time it get a tiny bit further. i will get to the point i can press A then it freezes, a few more tries and i can see the channels and the it freezes. eventually after 30 or 40 power cycles the wii will load and function without any issues. i can leave it on for a month straight and no problem. power it off though over night and my problems start again. has anyone seen anything like this or have any suggestions that i could try?


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    UPDATE - if i hold reset while i boot the wii i can get to pre loader and launch boot mii. from there i can launch apps and and able to get the main wii menu. what should i try from here?


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