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Thread: Maxell 8cm DVD-R for Gamecube backups

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    Maxell 8cm DVD-R for Gamecube backups

    I recently came across this deal on ebay, and decided to see if these disks were any good for gamecube backups 10 + 2 = 12 MAXELL 8CM DVD-R 30 MIN 1.4GB For Camcorders /Slim Jewel Cases of 4 | eBay

    Turns out these are actually RITEK G04 disks, and work perfectly with all the games i've backed up so far.
    Now I have no idea if this is common knowledge around here, and if it is, I appologize, but I just thought I would share this with any of you in the UK, looking for compatible 8cm disks for a decent price.
    Oh they also come in a nifty 4 disk case, which could be handy for making your own covers.

    Anyway, there you go. If you're looking for 8cm disks, give these a try.

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    here's an example of my Gamecube backups
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