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Thread: Black screen after attempted softmod.

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    Black screen after attempted softmod.

    Well I'll start the story off...

    I burnt a copy of Mario Party 9 (my wii is also softmodded) and it kept saying that I needed to update my wii for every game I played. So I tried to find a softmod that could block updates, and I found one but it didn't work at all, then I found out you could just use priiloader. So I followed this tutorial: and now I cannot load anything on my wii. All channels load to a black screen, and then take me straight back to the main menu of the wii. Games just turn to a black screen when I click "start game" and I have to manually restart it.

    I'd love a fix or someone to help me with this. I'll co-operate, but keep in mind that I'm not very good with this stuff so you'll probably have to speak simply and clearly.\

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    Post a syscheck so we can see what is installed on your wii, link in my sig below


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