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Thread: Help us find the right Wii games (loving long-distance relationship)

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    Question Help us find the right Wii games (loving long-distance relationship)

    So here's the story. I'm 47, my girlfriend is 40. I'm in the States, she's in Singapore. Every so often she flies out here to stay with me and we enjoy a few Wii games now and then. Now she's back in Singapore for the cold months and I miss her terribly. We both have Mario Kart, which is a really fun game for us, but I'm much better at it than she is, and I usually "throw" races just so she'll win. (yeah, I love her THAT much lol)

    I guess I'm asking folks what other Wii games could her and I multi-play from 9,000 miles apart that she'd really go for? She's not into FPS games, so that's out, but does anyone have other suggestions? She loves word games, strategy games, a few arcade games like tennis, bowling and billiards, and racing games.

    So, I need some ideas what to get from my local GameStop shop. Any suggestions, without causing an all-out flame war, please. =P Peace.

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