So here's the story. I'm 47, my girlfriend is 40. I'm in the States, she's in Singapore. Every so often she flies out here to stay with me and we enjoy a few Wii games now and then. Now she's back in Singapore for the cold months and I miss her terribly. We both have Mario Kart, which is a really fun game for us, but I'm much better at it than she is, and I usually "throw" races just so she'll win. (yeah, I love her THAT much lol)

I guess I'm asking folks what other Wii games could her and I multi-play from 9,000 miles apart that she'd really go for? She's not into FPS games, so that's out, but does anyone have other suggestions? She loves word games, strategy games, a few arcade games like tennis, bowling and billiards, and racing games.

So, I need some ideas what to get from my local GameStop shop. Any suggestions, without causing an all-out flame war, please. =P Peace.