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Thread: Anyway to Create a Third Party Gaming Device out of a Wii?

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    Anyway to Create a Third Party Gaming Device out of a Wii?

    I couldn't really decide how to formulate my question but what I want to do is create a purely emulating device out of my Wii, getting rid of their "channels" menu/concept and booting straight to an emulator on a USB device or SD card from power up.

    I have no Wii controllers and don't want any and for this reason I want to bypass the damn channels menu.

    And finally, I've been searching for hours on various sites and have found nothing so I'm posting here.

    Sooo yeah, thank you to anyone who can give ideas on how to do this!

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    You can use priiloader to boot straight into a loader bypassing the wii menu, but once there you will still need remotes to navigate around.

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