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Thread: semi bricked wii? rectification help

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    semi bricked wii? rectification help

    i write this post on behalf of a friend who has just attempted to mod his wii (and failed by the sounds of things) He softmodded the wii, and then realised he had left a game in the disc drive. I told him he was a fool and that he never obviously read the guide thoroughly before modding. When he powered down the, he says that he gets a yellow/amber light instead of the red light, and when he powers it back on, it loads to the bootmii screen. He said it's not the end of the world as you just have to press the reset button and select the wii icon, and it then loads up as usual. He told me he installed bootmii as boot2. I just thought i would ask on this forum/site as he wants some help, and i've never experienced any problems with my wii. I don't know why he just didn't let me do it in the first place!! Any help will be very appreciated i'm sure

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    This doesn't sound like a semi-bricked wii.
    His wii is loading the bootmii screen because he has the Bootmii folder on the root of his sd card.
    The bootmii , when installed as boot2 will be the first thing that pops up when starting the wii up.
    Just rename the folder to bootmii.old and when you need it to re-install your nand back to the wii just revert it back.
    For the Yellow light , go to the Wii option's , then to wii setting's , now go to Wii-connect24 now select standby connection and turn it off .

    Post a system check ,if you still have any problem's.
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    thank you very much


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