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Thread: Need help to get my HDD formatted correctly

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    Question Need help to get my HDD formatted correctly

    I have Winows 7 64bit.
    Hi I softmodded my wii at some place (paid for it). I read some guides and it seemed I had to use the format WBFS on the external HD that I bought. I formatted it to one big WBFS partition in the “Configurable USB Loader” that was on my wii when I got it back from the store. After that I used the program WBFS Manager 3.0 to put my game iso-files on the External HD.

    This worked like a charm until I read another thread that you could use FAT32 instead of WBFS. This seemed very interesting to try out since I was also having problems with some games refusing to transfer to the hard drive.
    So I formatted the drive and here I am. It is currently write protected and totally empty, without any formatting type. I can’t format it via windows own application because it always some kind of prompt message “the drive is used by something else” or right now when I’m doing as I type it’s just stuck.

    I need help with this, I’ve tried some apps like “HDD Low Level Format Tool” but it seems to get stuck with the write protection (which can’t be deactivated because I can’t detect the drive in explorer). Help me; How can I get this back to FAT32 so it can be read by Windows again? NTFS would do too!

    Hope someone can help me! /Anton

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    not helping

    Quote Originally Posted by kunparekh18 View Post
    Use WBfS Manager to reformat it.
    I just tried but it says: "an error occured while attempting to format the drive"

    I can also format it on the wii to WBFS but it only takes about a second untill it's done and I know it's not correctly formatted.

    I also tried formatting in the Wii Backup Manager and got following errors for every different file system:

    WBFS: Error getting drive geometry, 21, Unit not ready
    NTFS: Failed to unlock drive
    FAT32: Failed to open drive

    What's going on? ): Have i messed up my brand new HDD forever?
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    Hopefully there is a specific drive utility on the manufactures website... I would check there.

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