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Thread: refreshing my softmodded wii...

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    refreshing my softmodded wii...

    hello anyone,
    i am in the process of wanting to update and rebuild my softmodded wii.
    i have used modmii by xflak to mod my wii with ease and have been happy,
    but i have been troubled with how small the wii nand and its inability to store alot of saves
    and wiiware. i am hoping to change to UNEEK+DI and want to clean my wii's nand of all the
    junk that i can store on my emulated nand

    1) what would be the easiest way clean my nand (saves and everything unnecessary)
    2) can i use the "format wii system memory" without problems
    3) should i just delete everything manually
    4) can i just update everything through modmii and MMM?

    my syscheck log is....


    thanks for your time
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    Use the link in my signature. For softmod


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