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Thread: system menu corrupted - no wifi

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    system menu corrupted - no wifi


    I have been trying fixes and restoring the nand using bootmii. No success.

    I found and downloaded ohneschwanzenegger, NUSdownloader, installed bootmii/boot2 (saved my ass), installed system menu wad in nand, re-installed homebrew channel. Stumped at this point.

    This started a few days ago when the banner brick showed up shortly after a hombrew browser update. I then lost network connectivity the next day.

    The nand restore (using the current nand backup from the broken system to build, the new version with the new system menu wad and the downloaded - from NUSdownloader, 4.3u v513 ohneschwanzenegger nand builder - after re-installing bootmii/boot as preloader) put me back where where I was. I don't have the priloader anymore - it got bricked when I tried to restore it - probably since I have bootmii installed. I lost a lot of the patched IOS's. I am a bit reluctant to try re-installing wads.

    Any suggestions/direction would be appreciated.

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    I got is sorted out. I failed to format the backed up nand.bin before downloading the update using ohneschwanzenegger. This gave me an out of box re-installation and I started with a new working system. I am backing up the working version this time.

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    Well the banner semi brick was backafter 5 days - 'corrpted dydtem menu'. Nothing was done other than leaving the system on.
    It almost seems like it is being disabled. Did we agree to this in the TOS?

    I went to restore the working nand.bin and got a message saying the backup is for a different system.
    This post got me going agaiin (this is a large learning curve - why don't they just give us gx2 loader so we can save/load games to/from USB) X-box has this down:

    open this rar file, and extract the contents onto your desktop or wherever. i personally created a new empty folder called nandfix on my desktop and extracted it to there. so now in wherever you extracted it to (for the explanations' clarity's sake lets just say you also made a new folder called nandfix on your desktop), so now in this nandfix folder you have an .exe file called


    now find those nand.bin and keys.bin files i told you to find before (you put them in a safe place remember). now what you need to do is to COPY both of these. this is important just in case god forbid, things go haywire (its highly unlikely though, but hey, better to be safe then sorry) and it doesnt work, and your original nand backup files are rendered useless.
    so like i said, copy the nand.bin and keys.bin files and the paste them into your recently created "nandfix" folder.

    so now inside this nandfix folder you have 3 files
    go to the Bootmii-KEYFIX.exe file and run it (double click) it will do a little bit of thingy for you, and then you will have 2 new files appear. one called log.txt and one called Keys-Fixed.bin.
    so now your nandfix folder has this inside it

    What you need to do now, is copy or cut (its up to you) the nand.bin and Keys-Fixed.bin files and paste them in the root of your sd card.
    Once you have done this you have to rename the Keys-Fixed.bin file to keys.bin
    now, put the sd card into you sd card slot on the wii. turn it on. once you load the bootmii menu, press the power button 3 times till you highlight the little gears icon, press reset to choose it. it opens up the next menu, where you will press the power button once, so that you are highlighting the icon that has the arrow coming off the sd card into the chip (this is the option to load the backup off the sd card onto you wii, the second option/icon). press the reset button to choose this icon.
    follow the on screen instructions, and robert's your father's brother.

    Thanks for the post and this nice utility.

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    If the error comes back again, for no known reason, make a nand backup of the bricked nand. Then check the nanb.bin with nandbincheck nand.bin -all -v
    That could give a clue as to what is happening. Possibly you are just having bad luck and bad blocks are appearing in important places. You should check it now and see how many blocks are marked as bad. Then in the future you can see if the number is increasing. Also with nandextract you can view where the bad blocks are marked, if new bad blocks appear latter you would be able to view which file on the nand was affected.
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