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Thread: Wii Freezes

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    Wii Freezes

    I have been having a problem with my wii. it is softmodded 4.3 system menu. it has been running for for almost a year but then it started to act up. any time i would power it on it would freeze before i could even press A to continue. i have to keep powering off and back on and each time it get a tiny but further. eventually after 30 or 40 power cycles the wii will load and function without any issues. i can leave it on for a month straight and no problem. power it off though over night and my problems start again. has anyone seen anything like this or have any suggestions that i could try?


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    any suggestions at all?

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    did you have any luck figuring this out as mine is doing it also

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    There might be some kind of corruption with the system files, a lot of times re doing the soft mod would help, if you re do the soft mod following mauifrog's guide there is an option to install a patch version of 4.2u, that could help you too if re doing the soft mod doesn't resolve the issue.

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    UPDATE - if i hold reset while i boot the wii i can get to pre loader and launch boot mii. from there i can launch apps and and able to get the main wii menu. what should i try from here?

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    his will work if you already had a wireless network to the internet
    choose your manager for wads like mmn for instance you will need to go to system info then choose version for wii e.g 4.2e install it , YES your wii will be backdated to a previous version of firmware but it will be ok anything installed will remain as it was, okay next step after you have downloaded and install all files for a previous version your wii will reboot if not manually reboot by going back in manager them homebrew then power off wii then back on and if you followed this to the letter your wii should be working again


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