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Thread: Help with hangs after update

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    Help with hangs after update

    I updated the wii from a 3.2 to a 4.1 and after going to priiloader and pressing the reset button for the white screen, it doesn't appear and goes straight to the wii menu and when i try to play a game it hangs and doesn't load. I have a Western Digital My Passport 500 GB hard drive.

    Some help with some possibilities of what could be wrong and what to do.

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    How did you update? The official way? If so, you killed your softmod. Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide to re-mod your Wii.

    And I moved your post out of the "site bugs" section, not sure why you posted there...

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    thanks and sorry for the wrong post location.

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    I followed the softmod any wii guide on my pre modded 3.2u wii. Everything went fine until I tried to load priiloader and i followed the steps correctly but when i press the reset button the priiloader screen flashes for a mirco second and goes straight to the wii menu. so i skipped that and the rest of the mod went fine. i went to usb loader gx and that was fine. i then tried to play a game and it loaded correctly however the game would not start and stayed on a blank black screen.


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