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Thread: bootmii after complete softmod

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    Question bootmii after complete softmod

    Do you still need bootmii after softmodding the wii? I have priiloader, homebrew, and Usb loader gx and I dont like having to everytime I turn on my wii, go to the wii and press reset to make it select the wii menu picture thing. I have boot2, if I uninstall that and install bootmii ios, would the screen go away or do I even need bootmii, or is there a way to turn it off? [I included the boot2 screen as a attachement, ignore the words and arrows, I found it on the internet]
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    Just rename the bootmii folder on your sd card to bootmii1. Then if you ever need to use bootmii, just rename it back to bootmii.

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    Awesome, but when would I have to rename the file without the 1? (yes or no for the numbers below)
    1) Downloading a wad
    2)Installing new app on homebrew
    3) Cant think of anything else so if you know when I should

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    You need to only when a) You want to backup or restore your NAND b) Your Wii is bricked.

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