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Thread: Dios Mios issue

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    Dios Mios issue

    So I'm having issues I think with Dios Mios. Using Wad Manager 1.7 I installed 2.2 Dios Mios, and put my gamecube backup on my external usb using the DiscEx thing. It appears on the list in Configurable USB Loader, but when I try to launch it it either says "copying to SD", or sometimes it'll simply boot the disc in my drive -_- which makes no sense. Only time I got it to work was WiiFlow, but the sound of glitched

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    u need to update your usb loader

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    Can someone explain how to do that? Other than the guide Softmod Any Wii, I am unable to figure this stuff out. For instance, updating all the loaders.

    Whenever I try loading a GC backup, it simply boots the GC disc in the drive, which is annoying. I have only successfully been able to run the backup once, using the DM Booter, but it had audio issues during the main menu and in-battle.



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