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Thread: MW3 Can't get online!

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    MW3 Can't get online!

    Hey guys. Id greatly appreciate some help with this problem I've been having with cod. I tried posting this a week ago but I dont think I explained it well enough, as I didnt get any responses.

    In mw3 multiplayer I can join a lobby but it will never find any players to play with. This applies to both regular multiplayer and special ops. It does seem to show how many players are online tho, AND it lets me play special ops survival which you apparently need to be online to do.

    Black ops has similar problems for me.

    Ive tested some other backup games of which the only one that didn't work was Mario Kart Black, which gave me a "could not connect to WFC" error.
    Monster Hunter Tri, geometry wars, battalion wars 2, and conduit 2 all worked normally.

    Does anyone know what could be the issue??

    I believe all my crap is up to date,
    the game is US region off a hard drive,
    I have shop channel installed,
    mw3 says it's version 130.15.6,
    internet is working on my wii.

    sys check

    Ill try picking the game up from gamestop next, though im not sure if that will fix the problem.
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