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Thread: Update to hbc 1.?

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    Update to hbc 1.?

    I installed hbc with no problems, and i am wondering is it safe to upgrade from beta 9 to the 1.0 like the hbc screen asks. Also i downgraded from 3.3 to 3.2 with little problem. The one curious thing that did happen is when i couldn't find where to downgrade i used anyregion to. it went find till the end of the downgrade when the screen showed a mismatch. I double checked the settings and everything was fine, but everything locked up. After powering down and starting the wii up again everything is great the firmware is fine and i can play burnt games. I also went back into anyregion and the error was gone. crazy uh?

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    its just more fix's and less bugs =\

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    hi there, i DIDN'T update my hbc because i was afraid i would screw it up. i'm running beta 9.

    how do i get to the update screen on hbc again??


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