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    Dios Mios Help

    I just finished softmodding my wii with the "Softmod Any Wii Guide" and its working great! However I want to be able to play Gamecube games off of my USB Drive. I need to know how to install Dios Mios (which version) so I can play my gamecube games in .Iso form.

    Basically I need to know how to get the dios mios wad from here onto the wii so I can use the Wad Installer. can someone direct me to the correct download link? and help walk me through this?


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    Thanks That helped. However I found out I am using an incompatible USB Device (320GB Western Edition My passport) so it looks like I wont be able to play GC games with it after all. . Thanks for the help though

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    there's still dios mios lite, which boots games off an sd card. good if you just want to play a few games off an sd card

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    Loading gc back ups via usb HDD and installing on HDD to play


    First and foremost I would like to say thank you to all those who put a amazing amount of effort to this scene along with those who answers these gamecube questions a million times lol.

    Sadly, I have a problem, which is, as title says playing gc back ups via HDD and NOT transferring to SD to play.

    I do not have access to my wii right now (tv in use) but I will try my best to give a detailed explination..

    I'm new to the wii scene but I played around with ps3 cfw (back in the day), android, ios (for apple) etc. etc. but wii is so confusing with these IOS's and finding the right now and this that and the third.

    So first my gamecube was stock with 4.3u and i used letterbomb? (the 4.3 exploit) and it downloaded my sys menu to 4.1u.. I found this guide that the process went smooth so I could play my gc game via USB using CFG USB loader (don't remember the version).. Something happened so my GC games wouldn't show so I thought it was something i messed up on the wii, which wasn't the case so i remodded with the 4.1u exploit and now i'm having the hardest time trying to get the game to load the way it use to.

    I now have USB loader GX (don't remember which version) but i get the option to download the game from HDD to SD, which I will try if all else fails.. USB to SD transfer takes waaay to long.

    I previously used CFG USB LOADER GX which downloaded the game from HDD to HDD again and played (this is tales of symphonia I'm talking about) which worked with DIOS MIOS 2.2.. I've literally been searching all weekend for the guide I've found that worked before and I don't know how i found it but all i see are the same redundant threads about SD cards, etc. etc. I'm sure you know how it is.

    Mainly my question is, does anyone have a guide they can post to my related issue or advise on the matter? I feel like it's more IOS related but that's so confusing on it's own as far as what i was used to working with. Sorry if I wasn't detailed enough and any help is appreciated please and thanks.

    I only have one game with is tales of symph. and it worked as stated before but i'm just having the hardest time and today is the last day til next weekend I can mess around with this..

    OH also, I'm using IOS249 i believe, I seen alot of threads saying that NMM and NO DISC should be off and such, but those worked for me then (that was like a week ago) and saved my game..I hope I got the point across without being confusing on the matter.

    edit: I'm currently following up with the guide and links in the sig jizzle has provided. also I made a stock nand backup so i'm prepared to start fresh if needed also
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    edit: currently following jizzle's thread that he provided like.. 2 posts up? sorry for this waste of post and thank you! oops that was meant for the post above, sorry! my brain is fried at the moment.


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