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Thread: Softmod: Letterbomb on 4.3E Freezes

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    Question Softmod: Letterbomb on 4.3E Freezes

    I have System Menu 4.3E installed and I am trying to softmod my Wii using Letterbomb.

    I have followed the instructions carefully and repeatedly but whenever I click on the letterbomb icon in my messages, the Wii just freezes and nothing happens.

    I am using a 2GB micro SD card which I have tried formatting in both FAT 16 and FAT 32.

    I have downloaded the bundle from LetterBomb several times, triple checked my MAC address and I always get the same frozen message screen as a result.

    Even though these forums say that formatting the Wii System memory doesn't do much, I have tried that too and then tried the letterbomb exploit with a freshly downloaded bundle on a freshly formatted SD card.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    Is my best option to try one of the game base exploits instead?


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    You need at least one message in your mailbox prior to letterbombing it. Try making one, then try letterbomb again. Also, using a game exploit definitely wouldnt hurt anything.

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