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Thread: help with updating

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    help with updating

    i want to update from 3.3u to current. i installed a bunch of ios already. installed ios 60 and game stop loading through uloader. my sys.check is attached
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    One suggestion: post your sysCheck as a Spoiler and not as an attachment. Your IOS are outdated. Install the and from mauifrog's softmod guide (link in my sig). follow the instructions there about checking the md5 checksums and install them. Upgrade to 4.1 through DOP-Mii (WARNING: Downgrading is risky and could brick your Wii. If something happens to your Wii while upgrading through DOP-Mii, I am not responsible. I have not tried changing my system menu, so I can't tell the outcome for sure).

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    Just follow mauifrog's guide to softmod any wii, for 3.3u I think you should use Bannerbomb v1,at the end there is an option to install a patch 4.1u version, I've done before several times and never had any issues, if you follow the instructions step by step you should be ok... of course do it at your own risk, but you should be ok.


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