Hello everyone -

I have been searching the site all day and have found zero information about Neogamma disc swapping. Here is the issue:

-I am going to be backing up my Gamecube game - Resident Evil - which has 2 discs. I have never used Neogamma before - everything I play I load from my USB HDD. My question is - what is the best way to get games to work that have 2 discs - specifically when it asks you to swap discs.

My inclination is to just back up both discs and when it asks me to put in disc 2 - simply do so. But I've heard people have issues with other loaders, or with multi-iso discs, etc. All I need to know is if Neogamma is straight forward with regard to disc swapping or do I need to prepare a different way.

(my wii is softmodded using Mauifrog's guide - everything I've tried works correctly so far)