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Thread: [Guide] Devolution - USB Loading GameCube Games On Wii

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    [Guide] Devolution - USB Loading GameCube Games On Wii

    [SPOILER="What's New (Update History)"][SPOILER="March 31st, 2015"]
    • Updated to Devolution r253 (all attachments)

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="October 8th, 2013"]
    • Updated WiiFlow to 4.2
    • Updated USB Loader GX to r1218
    • Added Devolution's Readme file into all loader attachments.

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="September 6th, 2013"]
    • Added "Part 4b: Upgrading to a Bigger Memory Card"
    • Updated GCMM attachment to v1.4b

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="August 18th, 2013"]
    • Updated to USB Loader GX r1216

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="July 21st, 2013"]
    • Added link to Virtual Wii softmod guide

    [/SPOILER][/SPOILER][SPOILER="Coming Soon!"]
    • In depth Wii U/Alternative Controller instructions



    This will be my first attempt at writing a guide so it's going to be something of a work in progress, I'll try to make it as thorough, organized and easy to understand as possible. The first thing you need to know about this guide, and it should go without saying, is that your Wii (or vWii) must be modded. This guide should work with chipped Wii's too however, you may need to disable or even remove your chip for it to work. That said if your system is not modded yet, get that done first using the Softmod ANY Wii Guide. If you're planning on playing GameCube games on your Wii U's Virtual Wii mode be sure to have your Virtual Wii softmodded first using our Virtual Wii (Wii Mode) Softmod for Wii U Guide.

    What Wii's Are Compatible With This:

    Any Wii or Wii U you can get your hands on! (You'll still need a GC Wii to rip and verify your games though) .....except the mini Wii which still cannot be modded....sorry.

    About Devolution:

    Devolution is a amazing program that lets you load your Nintendo GameCube backups (in complete 1:1 ISO format only) from a USB device, something previously thought by the Wii community to be impossible. Not only has Tuedj broken that theory of "impossible", he has added some nice additions as well. Devolution doesn't simply load your GameCube ISOs, it loads them in Wii mode. What this means is if you finish playing a game but you want to do something else with the system such as watch a movie on Netflix or browse the web with the Opera Channel, you don't have to turn the system off and back on. Just give the power button a quick tap and, depending on how you loaded Devolution, you'll be returned to the Homebrew Channel, your USB loader or the Wii menu. Due to loading the games from USB 2.0 device (thanks to Nintendo's own IOS 58 ) instead of having to read a disc Devolution also cuts down loading times in games, rather significantly in some. You'll notice games will load anywhere from 2 to 5 times as fast as they did playing from the disc. Possibly the best part about Devolution is that it is an app (boot.dol) run from your SD card. No installation is required and no risk to your system. If you decide you don't want it anymore there's no need to mess with your Wii's internal NAND, a process that can be very dangerous if you don't know what your doing. Just pop the SD card into your computer and delete the SD/apps/gc_devo folder or, if you're using one of the other popular loaders, simply navigate to Devolution's loader.bin file and delete it. That's all.

    Part 1: Preparation

    To get started you will need the following:

    1. A GameCube compatible Wii
    2. SD card (I recommend 2gb SanDisk but what ever works with your other homebrew should be fine for this as well)
    3. Nintendo GameCube Controller, Wii Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro, Wii U Pro Controller or a PS3 controller.
    4. Nintendo GameCube Memory Card (optional, but still recommended if your system can use it)
    5. USB device with at least 2gb of free space (Must be formatted to FAT32 with 32kb Cluster size)
    6. Retail GameCube disc(s)

    Once you've made sure you have those necessities you're ready to move on to the next step.

    Part 2: Backing Up Your GameCube Games

    Download and extract this:
    Put the SD card in your Wii and turn the system on. Launch the Homebrew Channel and browse through your Apps till you see CleanRip, once you find it load it up.

    Read the disclaimer and press A, then select USB, select FAT (If your USB drive is not FAT32 STOP right here, format it to FAT32 with a cluster size of 32kb using this guide. Do not continue until you have done this, CleanRip can write to NTFS but your USB loaders will not load the GC games unless your USB drive is FAT32, has a 32kb cluster size and is marked as primary and active), you'll now be asked to "insert a FAT32/NTFS formatted device". Make sure you have plugged your device into slot 0 (if your system is laying down it will be the bottom port, standing up and looking from behind it will be the one on the right). Press A again and choose yes to download the files, they are used to verify your games dumped properly.

    Last step, insert your GameCube game disc, press A and wait...once it's done (make absolutely sure it completes 100%) you're good to go onto the next step.

    [SPOILER="Alternative Method"]Though it is recommended that you use CleanRip to rip your games as it guarantees a 1:1 copy of the disc, you can also rip your games via your USB Loader (This method only works with USB Loader GX, CFG Loader and WiiFlow) if you've already set one up before starting this guide. This way may be considered more convenient and so I've decided to include it in the guide. Please note that while it is now possible to play your GC backups on a newer Family Wii or Wii U you cannot copy the discs with these systems as their drives are not physically able to accept the discs. Also note that if you install the games using this method you will not need to set up any custom paths for the game ISOs later as the Loader will automatically install them where it can see them and give the folders and ISOs the proper names as well.

    USB Loader GX: Turn on your Wii and load USB Loader GX. Insert your GameCube disc into your Wii, you should see the following screen:
    IMG_2198 edit.jpg
    If USB Loader GX doesn't automatically ask to install the disc, click the + symbol above the settings symbol (near the bottom left of the screen, as shown in the image above) to install the game manually. Follow the on screen prompts to install your game. Wait until USB Loader GX displays a success message, the installation may hang at 100% for a bit. Be patient, DO NOT CLICK CANCEL. Once it tells you the install succeeded you may continue to the next step.[/SPOILER]

    Part 3: Picking a Loader

    I will say this right now, if you were hoping to be able to play bootlegged/pirated games you're on the wrong site, we do not support piracy here so do not ask where to get free games or discuss how to crack the anti-piracy Devolution uses.


    Devolution works with all of the popular loaders but the process for each one is a bit different, I am most accustom to USB Loader GX so that is the one I reccomend, but for the purpose of making this guide better I knew I would have to add sections for all of them. Below are subsections for each USB loader including the basic loader, for organization I have placed them in spoilers. Click the spoiler for your favorite loader to get started. Each USB loader attachment also includes Devolution, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the spoiler for the loader you want to use.

    This is by far the easiest method. If you're new to Wii homebrew and just want the quick easy method, this is it.
    Download and extract this: Basic
    [SPOILER="Basic Loader"]Make sure all of your GameCube ISOs are stored in USB/games (no sub folders!), this is the only way the basic loader will see them. The game ISOs can be named however you want, I recommend using the game names.

    Go to the Homebrew Channel, look for the Devolution app and load it. The program will mount your memory card automatically if you have one inserted. Press X on your GameCube controller or "a" on your Wii Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro to mount your USB device. You will see the title of one of your ISOs (if you have added more than one you must cycle through them by pressing up and down, the basic loader will only display 1 game at a time). Find the game you want to play, press A on your GameCube controller or "b" on your Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro and wait...if you didn't insert a GameCube memory card this may take a bit longer as the program will generate an "Emulated Memory Card". When your disc drive begins blinking twice in regular intervals it means it's time to insert your disc. Make sure it is the same game as the ISO you loaded and that it is a 1:1 complete copy, if the ISO didn't come from that specific disc or the disc didn't rip properly it will not verify, it will spit the disc out and continue to blink twice in regular intervals until the correct disc is inserted. Once the correct disc is inserted you should see the disc drive light blink 5 times and a moment later your game ISO should load, if the game does load you may eject the disc and repeat this process to verify the rest of your GC games.

    When you're running a game in Devolution the systems Power button should return you to the Homebrew Channel and Reset will function as it should ie resetting the game.[/SPOILER]

    This is my preferred loader, it has the most settings and the interface makes it fairly easy to use.
    Download and extract this: USB Loader
    [SPOILER="USB Loader GX"]With USB Loader GX you can have the games stored just about anywhere as long as you tell the loader where to find them via the custom paths option in the settings menu, for my own preferences I have chosen to keep the games in USB/GameCube and have written the guide as such, however you can name the folder whatever you want it to be. I will give the full details on how to set up the custom paths for the ISOs but first thing is first.

    Go to the Homebrew Channel and load USB Loader GX, click the button at the top of GXs main screen that says "Select Loader Mode", this will be the 4th button from the left, and check the box marked "GC Games". Now make sure you have r1200 or higher, you can check this by clicking the settings button, going to page 4 and clicking credits. In the top left you will see your Devolution revision number, in the top right you will see your loaders info including loader revision, IOS revision, d2x version and Dios Mios if you have it installed. If you want all of your GC games to load with Devolution go back to the first page of the main settings, click on loader settings and scroll down to GameCube Mode. You can choose either Devolution or MIOS (Default & Customs), choose Devolution and all of your GC games will load using that now. Scroll to the bottom to turn on various settings regarding how Devolution functions.

    DEVOMCEmulation: This function is for those who either don't own a GameCube memory card, have had their cards battery die or just for those who are too lazy to use their cards

    : This function will make the games appear in 16:9 widescreen without stretching the image.

    : This controls whether or not your disc drive will flicker during gameplay.

    : This option is to enable direct button mapping. When using an alternative controller (such as a Wii U ProCon) the buttons are different. When the game tells you to press A you'd actually have to press b. Turning this option on will correct that by mapping the buttons to the correct letter (A=a, B=b, etc etc).

    Setting the Custom Paths:

    ***If you installed your games using the "Alternative Method" described in Part 2 you only need to set the custom path for Devolution's Loader***

    The Games

    In order to make GX to see and load your GameCube games you'll need to set the custom paths first. Plug your USB device into your computer, open it and create a new folder on the root called GameCube. Next open the new folder you just created and inside it create a new folder for each of your ISOs. These folders should be named for each games specific game ID number in order for USB Loader GX to see the games. Example, if you have a USA (NTSC) copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, you would put the GZLE01.ISO in USB/GameCube/GZLE01. If you're unsure what your games ID numbers are you can easily find them on, or if you used CleanRip, by checking the dumpinfo text file generated when you ripped the game.

    Now plug the USB drive and your SD card back into your Wii. Load USB Loader GX, go to settings page 2 and click "Custom Paths". Scroll down until you see "Main GameCube Path" and click on it. At the bottom of the screen you will see the following 3 buttons: "OK", "usb1:/" and "Cancel". If instead of "usb1:/" you see "sd:/" your USB is already the selected device, you only need to specify the folder, if it does say "usb1:/" click on it to select your USB device. Navigate to your GameCube folder, press A to select it, then at the bottom left of the screen click the big OK button. A pop-up will appear telling you the Path has been changed, click OK to close it.

    Devolution's Loader

    Now you must tell USB Loader GX where to find Devolution's loader.bin so it can load the games. While in Custom Paths scroll down till you see "Devolution Loader Path" and press A on it. Navigate to sd:/apps/usbloader_gx, click the OK button on the bottom left of your screen, click OK on the pop-up message telling you the path has been changed and you're done.

    Verifying & Playing Your Games:

    You load the GC games the same as you do with Wii games, click the game image and click start. You can also press 1 to download the cover/disc art for any games so long as they are available on GameTDB.

    Find the game you want to play, click on it and click start. Your disc drive should begin blinking twice in regular intervals. Simply insert the disc for the game you're trying to play and wait, your disc drives light should blink 5 times and then a moment later the game ISO should load. You may then eject your disc, the next time you want to play the game it will start right up off USB no disc required. Repeat this process to verify all of your games.[/SPOILER]

    This loader has less settings than USB Loader GX. Due to not having the option of custom paths I consider this one a little less user friendly but still a good loader with a nice GUI.
    Download and extract this: CFG
    [SPOILER="CFG Loader"]Before loading CFG Loader on your Wii you first need to make sure the games are in the correct path. Plug your USB device into your computer and place all of your games in USB/games/, each game must have it's own gameID folder and the ISO must be named game.iso. Example, USB/games/GZEE70/game.iso. Once you have the games in the correct location it's time to get things going on the Wii.

    Go to the Homebrew Channel and load CFG Loader, you should see all of your games. Click the settings symbol at the bottom of the screen (the hammer and wrench symbol on the far right), on this menu click 'System'. At the bottom of the screen you'll see a save settings button and just above that the option "Force Devolution". Force Devolution will set all of your GC games to load using Devolution, click on it to turn it on then click save settings. You will see a screen telling you the settings have been saved and the program needs to be restarted for the new settings to take effect, press any button to continue then press Home and choose exit then re-enter the loader.

    Finding Your Games:

    There are 2 ways to find your GC games:

    1) Scroll through all of your games till you see one of them (they'll be mixed in with your Wii games)

    2) Click the yellow shield symbol at the bottom of the screen (the 3rd button from the left) and you'll see the filter menu open up. At the bottom of the screen you will see the option to view your games by the following categories: Show All, Unplayed, Wii, GameCube or Channel. Click GameCube then press B and you will now see only your GameCube games.

    Click on a game you want to play, this will open a window with various game info and settings. On the bottom left is a setting that will let you change the game art that gets displayed (you can choose 2D, 3D, Disc, Full, HQ or RGB). At the column on the right you'll see several buttons. Start will obviously start the game, Cover will show you the games cover artwork, Info will show you the games ID number, disc size (should say 1.36GB), rating and various other info about the game (Note you'll first need to go to settings, updates then click 'Download Game Information' before some of this info will be displayed). Manage will allow you to mark the game as a favorite (for filtering purposes), download missing covers or all covers, manage cheats (not supported on WiiHacks, sorry, you're on your own with this feature), delete the game, and 'dump savegame' (only appears to work for dumping Wii game saves from the internal NAND). Option will give you loader settings. Here you can change the various settings related to how the loader plays the game such as language, video and widescreen among other things. You could also turn Devolution on or off, however, since you've forced Devolution on via the main settings this one will do nothing.

    Verifying & Playing Your Games:

    Find the game you want to play, click on it and click start. Your disc drive should begin blinking twice in regular intervals. Simply insert the disc for the game you're trying to play and wait, your disc drives light should blink 5 times and then a moment later the game ISO should load. You may then eject your disc, the next time you want to play the game it will start right up off USB no disc required. Repeat this process to verify all of your games.

    If your games do not have cover art and you want them to, press 1, go to the updates tab and click on Download All Covers. Depending on how many games you have this could take a while so be patient. Once it completes press any button to continue. You may also download game info by pressing 1, choosing Updates and clicking 'Download Game Information'.[/SPOILER]

    Of the 3 "full featured" loaders this one has the least amount of settings, a good loader in its own right, but it could be more user friendly.
    Download and extract this:
    [SPOILER="WiiFlow"]Before loading WiiFlow on your Wii you first need to make sure the games are in the correct path. Plug your USB device into your computer and place all your games in USB/games/, each game must have it's own gameID folder and the ISO must be named game.iso. Example, USB/games/GZEE70/game.iso. Once you have the games in the correct location it's time to get things going on the Wii.

    Go to the Homebrew Channel and launch WiiFlow. You may be greeted with a screen stating it could not find any games, offering you the option to install a game or choose a different partition. Choose Select Partition to view the settings menu, the 3rd option down will say "Game Partition" and should have your SD card selected. Click the arrow just to the right of that and it will change to USB1. Click back and it should now display all of your Wii games, pressing the B button on your Wii remote will bring up the Select Source menu. There are 5 choices, the first will display your Wii games and the second shows your GC games. Click the second option to see all your GC games then click on the game you want to play to open the games loader menu. You will see a close up of the game case on the left and in the upper right corner you'll see the games banner image (similar in appearance to Virtual Console games). Clicking on the banner will increase the size to your full TV screen (press A on the banner again to go back to the loader menu). While pointing at the TV you'll see 4 symbols just below the banner, from top left to bottom right they are; mark as favorite, parental controls, game settings and delete game. Below that are the buttons Play and Back, but before you can play you need to do a couple more things first. Unlike with USB Loader GX and CFG Loader, WiiFlow doesn't have a global setting for Devolution so you need to enable it on a game by game basis. While still viewing the games loader screen click on the game settings symbol (the little gears) and you'll be shown settings for your game. From here you can download cover art, change the video mode or language and choose which GameCube loader to use. Change it from default to Devolution then continue to page 3 (page 2s settings are best left alone as they won't cause any issues). On page 3 you can enable or disable several settings but the only one that effects Devolution is "Devolution Memcard Emulator". Turning this on will result in Devolution generating a memcard.bin file (in the location USB/apps/gc_devo) upon loading a game. This setting should mainly be used if your actual GC memory card is lost or damaged but you can also use it just for the sake of convenience as well.

    Verifying & Playing Your Games:

    Now that you have the settings worked out it's time to load a game. Find the game you want to play, click on it and click start. Your disc drive should begin blinking twice in regular intervals. Simply insert the disc for the game you're trying to play and wait, your disc drives light should blink 5 times and then a moment later the game ISO should load. You may then eject your disc, the next time you want to play the game it will start right up off USB no disc required. Repeat this process to verify all your games.[/SPOILER]

    No matter which USB loader you've chosen to use the next time you view the contents of your USB drive you will see an apps folder and inside that a gc_devo folder containing 1 .dvv file for each disc you verified, do NOT do anything with these. The sad fact is they cannot be transferred, copied or altered in any way, doing so will corrupt the file(s) requiring you to re-verify the disc(s). If Devolution did not detect a memory card or you enabled memory card emultion you will also see a memcard.bin file, this is your emulated memory card and the only file in USB/apps/gc_devo that can be freely copied/moved without risk of corruption.

    Part 3b: Multi-Disc Games:

    **This section is a work in progress and may require some editing. If it doesn't work for you please detail what the problem is so I may look into it and revise this section as needed.**

    This section applies to all the above loaders, no matter which one you chose to use this method should work for all of them. If you have a game that uses more than one disc all you need to do is rip disc 2 using CleanRip (just as you did with the first disc), rename this second disc ISO to disc2.iso and place it in the same folder as the first disc. That's all...when you verify the first disc the second one will automatically be verified as well. In order to play this second disc you must first load disc 1 and progress to a point when the game prompts you to insert disc 2. When you see the prompt to insert disc 2 simply press eject and Devolution should load the disc2.iso.

    Part 4: Using An Emulated Memory Card:

    If you have a real GameCube memory card and it works you are free to skip this step. Emulated memory card is only really needed if your memory card is lost or damaged, however, if you choose to use Emulated Memory purely for convenience that is fine as well. This section will teach you how to import all of your saves from your real GC memory card onto an emulated memory card for use with Devolution. If you did not insert a memory card the first time you loaded a game, Devolution will have generated a EmuMemory Card for you. This means if you had no usable GC memory card to begin with you are done, those who do have one and want to extract their saves from it keep reading.

    Download and extract this:

    Plug your GameCube memory card into slot A and load GCMM v1.4b from the Homebrew Channel. You will be asked to choose either SD or USB (I chose SD but it's up to you if you want to use USB instead). Use A (for SD) or B (for USB) to make your choice and you will now see a screen detailing which buttons preform what functions. In order for Devolution to read the memory card you need a raw dump, so press B & - (minus) at the same time. Now select the slot your memory card is plugged into by pressing A and wait for the program to work its magic. Once it completes Press A and then Home to exit to the Homebrew Channel. Plug your SD card into your computer, navigate to the "MCBACKUP" folder on the root of the card and look inside for a file named something like "1019b_2013_01Jan_09_14-37-17.raw". In order for Devolution to read this file properly you must rename & convert it first, don't worry though it's incredibly easy to do. All you need to do is navigate to your memory card raw on your SD card or USB drive and rename it to memcard.bin, be sure that the file extension changes from .raw to .bin so Devolution will be able to read it. Note: Make sure you remove the GameCube memory card from your Wii before continuing, you only needed it plugged in to rip your save data. Leaving the memory card inserted while trying to use emulated memory may possibly result in corruption.

    Now take your newly generated memcard.bin file and copy it over to USB/apps/gc_devo as that is the only place it can be read from. Now safely eject your USB device, plug it and your SD card back into your Wii, launch your preferred USB loader and choose a game you have a save for. If you're using the basic loader it should recognize the memcard.bin file automatically when you load a game, if you are using one of the other 3 loaders you will need to enable Devolution's Emulated Memory via the settings menu.

    Enabling Devolution's Emulated Memory:

    USB Loader GX: Go to main settings page 1, click Loader Settings and scroll down till you see "DEVO MemCard Emulation". Click on it to turn it on.
    CFG Loader: Find the game you want to use emulated memory on, click on it, click the Options tab and turn on "NMM" (must be enabled on a game by game basis)
    WiiFlow: Find the game you want to use emulated memory on, click on it, go to settings page 3 and turn on "Devolution Memcard Emulator" (must be enabled on a game by game basis)

    When you start your game it should load your save that was on your memory card. It is important to note that this ripped memcard.bin will equal to the size of the card it was ripped from, so if your physical card had only 251 blocks that is what this one will have as well.

    Part 4b: Upgrading to a Bigger Memory Card:

    So now you know how to rip your game saves to an emulated memory card and how to enable Devolution to use that emulated card, but maybe you're thinking "this memory card is way too small...". Well here's some good news, you can upgrade the card to a bigger size easily without worrying about copying or losing your save data.

    Download and extract this: GCpadder

    Take your raw memory card rip (if you've already named it memcard.bin just change it to memcard.raw for now), put it in the same folder as GCpadder.exe. Now double click on the file called "Expand memcard.bat" and let it do its thing, it should finish pretty quickly. You should see the following:

    GC padder.jpg

    Now copy the newly generated file which should be named something like "2043blocks_121F5387FA8BA7E5E3561C75.raw" to your USB/gc_devo folder (where all your DVV files are) and rename it "memcard.bin" (if there's already a memcard.bin file there you'll need to delete first or overwrite it).

    That's all there is to it, you now have a memory card dump of the maximum size, 2,043 blocks! And you did it all without risking your save data

    Part 5: Troubleshooting & Tips:

    Q: My game isn't displaying correctly, what's wrong?!

    A: Strangly this happened to me, for some reason the colors were reversed, the sound was buggy and the frame rate was choppy and slow. Go into the games indvidual settings and force the video mode to your system region.

    Q: Can Devolution load games from an SD card too?

    A: Yes, it can. I have not detailed that in the guide though as its much more cost effective to buy a USB device, you get more space for the money you spend.

    Q: Do I have to use the supplied Loader? I don't want to overwrite mine/mine is a higher revision than this guides...

    A: No problem, just copy the loader.bin from the attachment and place it in the proper directory.

    USB Loader GX: SD/apps/usbloader_gx
    CFG Loader: SD/usb-loader
    WiiFlow: SD/Wiiflow

    Part 6: Outro & Special Thanks:

    There you have it, you now can play all of your GameCube games from USB. No more worrying about those tiny discs getting scratched and smudged. I hope this guide provided clear helpful information, if you need any help or find anything about this guide that's not clear (typos, punctuation issues, whatever) or if you have any suggestions to make it better please let me know in the comments. Don't forget to click the "thanks" button if this guide helped you

    Game Compatibility List:

    There is currently a community maintained list of games that do and don't work and if they have any issues. After consulting other staff, I've decided I will link the game compatibility list from Devolution's home page here. Feel free to edit your own game results into the compatibility list, this will help to let others know if their favorite games work and how well they work.

    Devolution Game Compatibility List

    Dress up the appearance of your GameCube games in your loader menu, click here

    Special thanks to:
    Tueidj (Author of Devolution)
    Mauifrog & CJizzle (Authors of "Softmod ANY Wii" Guide)
    CJizzle (Author of "Virtual Wii (Wii Mode) Softmod for Wii U" guide)
    Emu_kidid (Author of CleanRip)
    Jax (Helping make sure I don't violate the rules here )
    Jax & cwjakesteel (For giving the idea to make this guide)
    Suloku (Author of GCMM and GCpadder)
    Nintendo Maniac 64 (For providing VERY helpful info)
    USB Loader GX team (Author of USB Loader GX)
    CFG Loader team (Author of CFG Loader)
    WiiFlow team (Author of WiiFlow)
    Pob3008 (Author of FAT32 Guide)
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    Nice, tutorial!!

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    Thank you, we did kind of need a guide for this here...Devolution is starting to grow in popularity and with each update it gets a little better.

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    Good job SNES

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    Thanks, I might want to add a section detailing how to backup game saves off a Memory Card for those who would rather use "MemoryCard Emulation", but we will see how that goes.

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    I would indeed like to know how to do that. I would very much appreciate that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwjakesteel
    I would indeed like to know how to do that. I would very much appreciate that.
    Well ok , once I find out what type of save files Devolution uses for its emulated memory card and if/how to convert the GCI saves from a GC memory card I shall add a section here with all the details. I do feel like there is a bit more helpful info I can add to this guide, it's just a matter of thinking of how and where I'd like to add it in. I already have a couple ideas in mind.

    Also open for suggestions for other sections anyone feels may be helpful

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    Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be possible to rip a GCI or RAW save from a memory card and convert to use with Devolution (I'll look around a little more but I can't seem to find a convention program), however, I have read Devolution can use saves from Dolphin so that's good news for Dolphin users wanting to continue a game on the Wii.

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    Thanks for the guide.
    Its good that you don't need a mios for this to work. Guessing you can't compress the image for this.

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    For the moment no. I don't know if it will be able read compressed games in the future or not but for now full 1:1 copies is all it will recognize.

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