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Thread: netflix freezes

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    netflix freezes

    hello again

    i installed the shop v20 channel on my 3.4e wii using the offline guide on this site and downloaded netflix,
    i signed up today and started to watch a film then the wii froze and the tv was making a loud beeping noise,
    has anyone had this ? and how did you fix it if you did ?

    i put it down to overheating as the wii never realy gets switched off, the left side was absolutley burning hot,
    ive switched off just now to let it cool a bit and ill try again later, ill report back here if it helps or not.

    i read that it could be needing a more up to date softmod maybe 4.1e or 4.2e,
    something im going to do anyway over the next week or so when i get more time using the guide at the bottom of jax Signature

    but id like to see if letting it cool works 1st

    thanx again

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    i dont know if its related to your problem but i turned on the wii and tried to log on to netflix and it said i was disconnected from the internet and this never happened before except this one time. anyway, i checked other devices logged on to the network and all were fine except the wii. so i tried to clear the wireless connection and re enter it again several times, no internet connection for the wii!!! THEN... i said ok ill try to enter the wireless connection info one more time and it worked! and then the nintendo bastards asked me to update my wii (softmod 4.3) and i think it was because i was new to netflix... long story SHORT: watch out when using netflix!

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    i tried to watch again after letting it cool down for 1hr but it happened again
    this time it let me watch about 5 mins more though which does look like overheating problem
    the wii was bought on release day so maybe its the fans fans starting to fail
    ill let it cool overnight and try tomorrow

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    used the hack any wii guide and hacked wii again with all the new stuff and updated drom 3.4e to 4.1e
    everything works for me now
    thanks again


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