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Thread: I Need help..

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    I Need help..

    Hi there, today I wanted to add a new game to my hard drive but when I plugged it in my desktop the hard drive did a beep sound along with a green blinking light. I've tried using WBFS Manager 3.0 as I always do to add my games but it doesn't recognize the hard drive. I've tried in differents desktops with different wires but it still doesn't work. Any idea what's happening? My hard disk is this:
    ((Samsung 640 GB))
    I hope you can help me
    By the way, it works fine with the console


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    Why not rip the game using one of the USB loaders on the Wii?

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    How do you do it?


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    Plug your hdd into the Wii, open usb loader, insert original disc and it will ask you to rip it to the hdd.

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