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Thread: Hard drive randomly crashes while playing WII games

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    Hard drive randomly crashes while playing WII games

    I have a WD Scorpio WD3200BEKT in an Element 2.5 enclosure. When hooked up via USB to the WII, everything works fine, and I can play games, but it will randomly freeze. Before you get mad at me, I KNOW that drive is not in the compatibility list, but I wanted to see if it would work anyway.

    Before freezing, I have played anywhere from 5 min. to over an hour. It seems to be entirely random. Now...I previously had trouble even getting the WII to read my HDD, but fixed that problem by using a different enclosure. I have been told that different enclosures work differently to transmit data. So, my question to you experts is. Is there any chance that the new enclosure might be why I have random crashes? Or should I just give up on this hard drive and get one that is KNOWN to work with the WII.

    I have noticed here on the forums there is alot of discussion about hard drive compatibility, but not much on enclosure compatibility. So, I would sincerely appreciate and information I can get about my problem, and about hard drives/enclosures in general. Thanks!!

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    I know from personal experience that any hard drive in a enclosure causes problems, I haven't found one that works 100%, just play it safe and get a sea gate, western digital or maxtor external hard drive and you'll be glad you did.

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    Is it powered through the usb or does it have it's own power cord?

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