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Thread: wii doesnot detect or recognice my external hdd

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    wii doesnot detect or recognice my external hdd

    i tried updating my wii using the how to hack any wii guide and my wii doesnt recognice my external hdd and its strange because ive had it for 3 years now and after i updated it now im having that problem. I thought it was the hdd so i bought another one and still the same problem, i posted a system check and i was told that everything was ok. i formatted the hdd and put the games back, and nothing, i uninstalled the softmod and softmod it again and still nothing works i dont know what else to do so i need some profesional advice here, what can i do. i was thinking about trying to install an earlier homebrew, with an earlier usb loader, like the one i had before updating everything but i cant seem to find it anywhere. pleaseeeeeeeee somebody help me.

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    what program did you use to format the hard drive? you might want to try a different program, do you have more than one partition in it?


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