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Thread: Question About Game Cube games

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    Question About Game Cube games


    I'm new here so sorry if the answers to these questions seem obvious. I did search around the forums here and on the internet but I never really got a difinitive answer to my questions so I was wondering if people here could help me. only 1 question is Really important

    Question: Can I still play my retail Gamecube games after softmodding my Wii via the guide on this website?

    *Note- I want to know if I can still play them via the disk drive, not via USB drive or SD.

    *Note- I havn't modded my wii yet but will be modding 4.3u with letterbomb
    Also I have a black Wii, not sure if that makes a difference


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    So, sorry to double post but I looked around and it seems that Dios Mios v2.0 will allow me to load gamecube disks, So I belive I can just use this to play my gamecube games after softmodding.

    Please let me know if this is correct.

    Also can I use the same External Hard drive to store my Wii games and Gamecube Games?


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