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Thread: Is there a way to save game data to SD/HDD with WiiFlow?

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    Is there a way to save game data to SD/HDD with WiiFlow?

    Just curious. I'd like to free some blocks for channels and VC games (been sitting on 4000 Wii Points for a while now), so I was wondering if there's a way to make Wii back ups save onto the SD or HDD. I read something about looking at NAND Emulation settings, but what I had read also referred to the GX Loader... so I didn't want to mess with WiiFlow based on that information without askin' for some help.

    Also, I know they're not much in terms of block usage, but I downloaded Any Title Deleter to get rid of the News and Forecast Channels, but upon exiting they returned. I read that you need to create a new ticket with the same title, so it doesn't restore the previously deleted ones. Is there a guide that someone could link me to for that? Possibly someone else asked this and it was answered in another thread...

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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    WiiFlow cannot back up saves to a SD/HDD.

    You can back up saves from the Wii Saves menu in Settings or a Homebrew program.

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    If u have nand emulation set up then u can save your games to it

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    Ahh, okay, thanks you two. I'll look into that, Pob.


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