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Thread: Please help with code management apps

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    Please help with code management apps

    So I've softmodded my Wii 4.3 using the tutorial here and I've been able to use codes for Skyward Sword by downloading the text files, using the code manager program on my computer to make a gct file on my SD card, and then running Gecko OS on my Wii.

    I want to be able to alter the gct file from my Wii so I can easily activate and deactivate codes without taking the SD card out and putting it in my computer and then taking it out again and putting it back in my Wii. I've tried the apps wiicm and Cheat Manager.

    Wiicm crashes as soon as I open a txt file. I run the app, click the txt file I want, then it goes to the screen where you can edit the codes but it doesn't show any codes. There's just the controls at the top of the screen and the rest of the screen is empty, and it won't respond to any buttons including the ones to go back or exit so I have to turn off my Wii.

    Cheat Manager works almost perfectly. I can open the txt files and edit them and convert them to gct files. But as I've discovered by examining the SD card on my computer, the gct files have some weird character inserted at the beginning of the file name (it just shows up as a square) so Gecko OS won't read from them.

    Does anyone have a way to fix either of these apps or can you recommend another code management app I can run on my Wii?

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    Use usb loader gx version 3.0, It has the Ocarina code manager built in.

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    Works great. Thank you very much.


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