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Thread: Sundriver not finding gc disc

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    Sundriver not finding gc disc

    I've just got hold of a wii that has been softmodded in some way but stopped loading games after som kid did something.
    I thought I'd get a sundriver instead since it seemed so simple
    Installation was no problem, neither was fixing the hdd and uploading a game to it.
    The wii won't recognize the GC game menu or whatnot.
    I've read somewhere that it might be due to some cMios that was patched or something. IOS58 was a number I found aswell :P
    I updated (??) to IOS236 so that I could reinstall the regular mios v10 that I got from NUS Downloader and installed it with Installer for WiiGator's cMIOS.
    Same thing (all the switches are away from the led).
    Tried reinstalling miosv10 using the wad manager but no difference.
    I kinda have no idea what I'm doing so does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?


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    Its a common little problem
    Your sundrive has not the latest firmware
    Get the nero dual programmerh and flas your sundrive
    the firmware comes with the upgrade pakage what you already have..

    Or get an older software pakkage if you dont want to upgrade.


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