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Thread: About to take the leap, just a few more questions though

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    About to take the leap, just a few more questions though

    So, okay, I'm just about ready to take the plunge and install HBC. Just thinking about what I'll be able to do now with our family's Wii, just has me salavating in anticpation. But before I continue I've a few more questions to ask.

    Mainly this has to do with what to do with all the SD cards I have now. There's the data one I bought right after bringing our console home. Then I have one that I've already formated to fat32, and then unzipped Letterbomb onto to it. Then I have a 3rd sd card (I got a really good deal on them). This one I'd planned on saving my Nand back up on. I also have a 4th card, but have no specific use set for it yet.

    My first question is this. After installing HBC, Bootmii (then doing nand back-up). Then installing Priiloader. When this is all done, when I want to go back to playing games, do I then put the orginal data card back in?

    Next thing I need to know is how do I set parental controls up on softmoded wii? My 9yr old daugther is just too smart, don't want her getting into HBC or anthing else other then playing games, watching netflix or going to the Mii channel.


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    Okay, perhaps I rambled too much or didn't word my question right. Tried to do a search for the information, think I know how to word this now.

    I took a peek at what's on the sd card I currently have in my Wii. So far there's just one directory called "Private". And that's all. And there's nothing at the root. From reading the sticky's I know there will be an app folder and that there'll some new files at the root.

    Can someone do a screen print or perhaps even a link as to what new files and folders will be added to my sd card above and beyond the current Private folder. Concider that I will be doing the "Softmod any Wii" and will be adding files per directed in that sticky. What should my sd card look like when finnished.




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