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Thread: D2CKey, LED sequence

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    D2CKey, LED sequence

    Hi all,

    I have a D2CKey with Wii-Clip installed. It can read and play originals fine. Can't seem to read any backups.

    When turning the machine on from total power off (red power LED), the D2CKey red and blue LEDs turn on then fade off.

    When inserting any discs, I don't get any lights coming on at any time.

    Any ideas?

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    do u get a game screen at the beginning?
    when you put the original in ...always works?
    now when you put a properly burnt game it ...should see thw blue led flickering...if you don't could be clip not on properly or bad burnt dvd

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    On inserting a backup, I get no game screen, if I goto the game channel, I get the spinning DVD/Gamecube Disc, then it stops and spits out a "unable to read disc" error.

    When inserting an original, it works fine, though no LEDs come on at all when inserting either an original or backup. Am I to understand that there should at least be SOME LED activity on inserting any discs?

    I'm burning to Ritek DVD-Rs 16X at 4X, and have verified the DVD to the ISO with no problems. How can I be sure a disc is a good burn?


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