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Thread: Artifacts in Resident Evil remake (Wii version)

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    Artifacts in Resident Evil remake (Wii version)

    Loading REmake from a USB drive, I get really bad red and green artifacts all over certain backgrounds. It doesn't happen in all backgrounds, only certain ones, and always in the same places. I will upload a video soon.

    Is this a problem related to the game? as I only experience this issue with this game, or is possibly a sign my Wii is dying? Like I say, no other game I have tried, shows this issue, and I have tried the likes of Metroid Other M, Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime.....

    It should also be noted that Resident Evil 0 does not have this issue either, and I believe that game is built from the same engine as REmake.


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    Ok, turns out my Wii was faulty. I switched the motherboard, with a motherboard from a newer Wii, and the issue is no longer there.

    Had to keep the DVD drive from my original Wii though, as Gamecube backups would not load with the DVD drive from the newer Wii. Oh well, at least my Wii is fully functional again.


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