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Thread: Question Regarding Boot2 Compatible Wii

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    Question Question Regarding Boot2 Compatible Wii

    Hi all,

    I know about the "Boot2 Compatible Wii" thread, where there is a list of ranges for Boot2 compatible Wiis, however I have a question about the ranges. For instance, I'm looking into one Wii with the serial number LU53433412. Now, one of the ranges given in the "Compatible Wiis" thread is LU5065 through LU5796. If I were to take into account the first 4 four digits of that serial, it would fall into that range. So my question is, does that range include numbers larger than 4 digits? So LU53433412 would in fact allow for Bootmii/boot2v4 installation?

    Some clarification on this would really be appreciated.

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    If that thread says that between Lu5065 through LU5796 is boot2 compatible.
    Then I would take it as being a yes....You will be able to install bootmii as boot2.
    The only other real way to make sure is to run the Hackmii Installer and see what it says.

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    Okay thanks.

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    Just wanted to jump in to confirm that indeed LU53433412 permitted Bootmii installation as boot2. Thanks for the help.


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