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    Ca UsbLoader_GX

    Hey guys I know this might be in the wrong forum section(Yes, I tried checking for a Help Me kind of section). I installed USB Loader GX v1.8 a few days ago (2-3 days). When I was using Usb loader gx i saw an option for Gamecube games and wondered how do I play my burned gamecube games on my wii? I did research couldnt find anything except Dios Mios Lite and its original form. It looked hard to install. I saw that some ppl were playing their gamecube games (like Da 1 and only Melee) on their usbloader_gx. How Do I do that? and is usb loader gx v1.8 easy installer the latest version like 3.0???

    BTW MY WII Is 4.3U

    Thanks for reading

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    Have a look here Dios Mios Guide.
    This will allow you to play from the HDD and it also has the links for the latest Usb Loaders.

    It seems harder then it is, just read the guide's and take your time.


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