Hello people,
i hope you can help me with my issue. I have a PAL Wii 4.1E which was originally a Japanese one with latest IOS/CIOS. I'm using the EmuNand from USB Loader GX and it works fine for most games. But there are WiiWare games that works on RealNAND but not on the EmuNAND like Phoenix Wright Justice for All PAL/NTSC, Bomberman Blast PAL/NTSC or Contra Rebirth for example. I can install them via 'Features'. Also the Game Window pops up fine but as soon as i start the game the screens get black and then resets me to the Wii-Menu.

That's what happends in the EmuNAND. I also tried to install them into the RealNAND via Wad Manager and it works perfectly fine somehow.

Is there any way to make these games work for the EmuNAND?