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Thread: Mario Kart Tournament - Finally!

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    Talking Mario Kart Tournament - Finally!

    Under Construction.

    Under construction.
    Hello all, Here it is...
    our Wiihacks 1st Mario kart Tournament
    Our Sponsors
    (World's Largest & most Active Wii Hacking Support Community)
    (Best Nintendo Torrents Site)

    ~WiiHacks Stands Proudly behind the *Trusted* MK sponsors below~
    (Most Recommended for Greater Vancouver Region)
    (Most Recommended for Greater Toronto Region & Eastern Canada & USA)
    (Most Recommended for Western Canada & USA)
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    (Same day or next day shipping..Canada, USA, Internationally)

    soon more MK more & Bigger Prizes

    Be a Mario Kart Contestant & receive higher priority Support from the Forum.....We really need alot more contestants to make this a success...SHOW your support ...

    So come on all your support for your forum and help make this first MK Tourny a winner!!!

    So lets get into it, there are a few rules so please read before doing anything!
    • no cheating, if you're found cheating you will be banned on the forum, and from playing!
    • no picking the course, all people will pick random, i don't want people to spam the same stage again and again... i know its more fun on some, but its all based off luck, and i don't want anyone getting extreme edges!

    I also want to say, you can use any kart, or bike... this will not make everyone use the same exact set, the people whom got farther than you got a slight edge, but that would be there regardless!

    Here's a few guide lines to enter...

    • DON'T, complain about the game. THIS IS SET we don't want to hear how Brawl/Call of Duty/James bond/etc would be better!

    Now how to enter!
    • all cash will be sent via paypal to ""
    • the amount will be 5 United States Dollars, so there is no confusion only this currency will be accepted *because most people are from the US*or most accepted currency
    • In your PAYPAL payment, in the comments/message window... IT MUST SAY YOUR FORUM ACCOUNT NAME
    • I'm sorry, but isn't enough for us to go on, OH! you're Zerosyko
    • After you do that, post in the Discussion topic, your Name (on MKW), Your friend code (you got time to give it so no worries), and Which time would you like to sign up for (there's 2 set time zones i plan on doing this, they are subject to change but are doubtful).

    some final contest info...
    • sign ups will last till there is enough players
    • the final date will be mentioned once we finish sign ups.
    • once you're entered, its final... sorry Y-Y
    • if you miss your time, then you can go another time if there is a spot, if there isn't than you're sol.. sorry
    • once judged its final, I don't want to hear ___ and ___ were cheating, they should lose, if I didn't see it. didn't happen.. end of story!

    now time for what matters haha... the P R I Z E S!
    general info before mentioned...
    • 75% off all cash goes to the winner, 25% goes to the forum.
    • the pot amount is before the paypal cash transfer fee's remember that.

    the prizes!

    First place:
    • 75% of the pot!
    • and admin at Ntorrents has offered an Ntorrents invite...YAYS to them!!!
    • forum award *a special medal like the ones next to my name.* saying you're the forum best at Mario Kart!
    • special title.

    Second place:
    • Forum award, saying you got top 3 in a forum tournament
    • special title
    • and admin at Ntorrents has offered an Ntorrents invite...YAYS to them!!!

    Third place:
    • Forum award, saying you got top 3 in a forum tournament
    • special title
    • and admin at Ntorrents has offered an Ntorrents invite...YAYS to them!!!

    Notice: There will also be another minimum of 20 more Wiihacks arranged~ Ntorrents Invite Interviews handed out to contestants RANDOMLY SELECTED... means you don't have to win..just be chances are very high to luck out with one..!!!!

    Just in case you didn't know... the Ntorrents Invites are the highest in demand invites..for the World's Top Wii Torrent Download Site with High Speed Downloads and Safe torrents. When You have one of need no

    Current Pot amount is now $365.00USD...WOW !!!! WOW !!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! ..woooot!!!!
    Now remember the more sign-ups & donations..the bigger the $$ Cash $$ Prizes

    Group one (note all times are in East Coast -5 hours)
    8:00 PM...subject to change to accommadate the MK players

    MK Contestants

    • ChrisChown 2965-1923-6454
    • Zero 0516-9153-9269
    • Venom 1848-4975-3905
    • tristanloftis 3996-1986-5583
    • *granabulaxx
    • crazy1_79 3867-2796-2600
    • brougham
    • Boozehound
    • fatlar84 4253-4482-1705
    • choeacin 1118 5904 8869
    • zakni0107 2149-3756-9606
    • mimiru 0087 7931 0173
    • redbull31 3137-2270-2587
    • gryped
    • glasshopper
    • Black_brd
    • MasterBates
    • jb2326
    • PreFoamed
    • XFactordx
    • WiiJohn

    If your friend code is not above, POST IT!! (If your name isn't up, wait until Modderman confirms paypal)

    Forum Supporters

    • tristanloftis ~WiiHacks ★★ ~Forum Supporter ~
    • fitzroy327 ~ WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • beastman2008~ WiiHacks ★Forum Supporter ~
    • *magostin ~ WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • Barum ~ WiiHacks ★Forum Supporter ~
    • lrandell ~ WiiHacks ★Forum Supporter ~
    • choeacin ~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • Skagg ~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • blitzyuk ~ WiiHacks ★Forum Supporter ~
    • Black_brd ~WiiHacks ★Forum Supporter ~
    • buslady ~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • poopable~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • lovelydarkness ~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • Typoid ~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • seanb10 ~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • anitag ~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~
    • ceramictiles ~WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~

    To post, comment, or put down your sign up info go here
    If you're having problems with Mario kart go here

    Note: we NOW have had some payments of $5 USD without the Wiihacks Nick so they will not be qualified...see above in LARGE BOLD WORDS...HOWEVER JUST INCREASES THE SIZE OF THE POT~~~~~ j/k,...come got to leave your nick with your paypal payment

    For those that just wish to show their support for their forum, ..That's OK... your Donations will now be added to help pay for our new servers and You will get a special title ~ WiiHacks Forum Supporter ~ and YES!!!...You get Priority Support !!!

    Donate to forum thru Paypal here:
    or even easier...use the Donate Button along the top of the page.

    We rely on our members & specially selected sponsors to help support this community forum and it is really appreciated....Thanks

    All MK Contestants, Forum Supporters And Donators are showing their support for their ONLY they will receive Priority Support from the Staff here..since at this time we are short staffed... reserves the right to make any changes at any time in regards to the MK tournament to make the tourny better for all.
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    hello this is a great help for me athanks

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    Junior Member VENOM's Avatar
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    Shark City

    is the right one?

    I Signed up i learned how to work Paypal lol..
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    >IT'S Time To Die SpiderMan!!!

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    yay i signed up, but i just paypaled my $5 as a donation to the pot..... It's for a good cause

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    and you might even win some $$$ too

    thanks for participating in the community

    Wiihacks Super Mod / Admin

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    is this all of the info for the tourney? what are the dates only times are listed.

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    its undecided atm, only Region times are currently listed

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    I really need to know which day it is... I can't play on weekdays at 3:00 (UK time), but it's good for weekends.

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    odds are it will be a weekday, just because weekday tv sucks, and Dr who is on the weekend XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    and Dr who is on the weekend XD
    ^^what the hell is that.... i might bump the pot up a little in a bit

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