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Thread: Kiki trick freezes in main menu

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    Kiki trick freezes in main menu

    Hi. I have tried 2 different files of Kiki trick and they both have the same problem. I boot the game through USB loader GX and as soon as I select anything from the game main menu, the game freezes and a loud beep comes from the console.

    Ive been trying to read up about updating the cios but I cant find instructions on this site (sorry).
    I soft modded my wii about 6 months ago so would've thought I'd be up to date. I can play new games like pandoras tower and the last story OK.

    Any suggestions?


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    I've found the solution. After loads of forum searching, someone else had the same problem. They said its simply a case of changing the system language from default to Japanese in the USB loader settings. It now works!


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