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Thread: I see guides saying not to use an SDHC card

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    I see guides saying not to use an SDHC card

    I have the new family edition wii and haven't had any problems (as a result of the sd card choice as far as I know) yet. Is there any reason for me to go get a regular one or if this ones working will it continue to work.

    Also this:

    My posts aren't showing up they say they need to be approved by a moderator but how long does that take (It's been over 24 hours)? It even says 2 replies but only has the 1 from the mod. Kinda confused.

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    We tell people not to use SDHC cards while modding your wii, other then that you can use SDHC cards for everything.
    The reason why we say not to use SDHC cards is because you might run in to problem's while modding your wii..We always recommend using a 1gb or 2gb sd card (SanDisk).

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