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Thread: Priiloader Help

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    Priiloader Help

    Since I am new at this, a friend help soft mod my Wii (4.3u). I noticed now that some discs will not play, since the
    system is looking for a "system update". Obviously, I do not want to do this.
    I have the HomeBrew channel installed and also can read my backed up Wii discs on USB.

    Although i will be mostly be using the USB loader to read my wii disks, I still want to occasionally
    run the discs directly.

    My searching has noted that the solution appears to be installing Priiloader to: "Block Online Updates" and
    "Block Disc Updates".

    I found Priiloader v07 and downloaded it in a directory on my PC. I also found file hacks_hash.ini and also put it in a directory
    on my PC.

    The directions stated to put the Priiloader v7 in the root of the SD card under the apps directory.
    I did this. My first question is when I unzip it, do I put the files EXACTLY the way it unzips into the apps directory??
    There seems to be too many files and directories and a subdirectory called "Extra" which I wonder what it does!

    I next put the SD card back in the Wii (I did not copy the hacks_hash.ini file to SD card yet).

    When I started the Wii, I went into Homebrew. I did not see "Priiloader" listed".
    Am I missing something? When Homebrew was installed initially, "Priiloader should have been installed with it??

    Are there any steps that I am missing?

    Any suggestions?

    Is this safe to do? Is there a backup that I need to do first before installing this?

    Any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated!

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    There should be a folder named say priiloader with a boot.dol within it, this needs to be placed in the apps folder. The hasks.ini needs to be on the root

    Have a look here


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