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Thread: Modded without SD card?

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    Us Modded without SD card?

    Me: 4.3u modded with "SOFTMOD ANY WII" guide, Dios Mios 2.2, 16GB SD card with apps and nes/snes/gen/GBA roms and a 250GB HDD with only Wii and Gamecube games on it.

    Will the wii work and all of my apps (including the HBC and forwarders) if I copy the contents of the SD onto my external HDD? Is the SD even necessary at this point? I'd like to consolidate!

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    yes itll work. just setup your hd just the same way your sd looks. so in other words copy the root of your sd to the root of your hd, should work fine with a lil tweaking.

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    Cool, and by tweaking, you mean?

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    you may need to redirect your loader to see your game covers and stuff. lets worry about gettig you working off of your hd then well worry about tweaks.

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    I did what you said, and NOTHING worked. Nothing. The HBC would load and crash, all loaders did nothing, zip, nada, nothing.

    Then I took off the folders that the SD added to the HDD, while not changing a thing on the SD card, and now my Wii has lost all GameCube support and DIOS MIOS doesn't even post up. I re-installed DM 2.2 via MMM (ios 236) and updated CFG Usb Loader to the latest. Gamecube games do not work. I tried loading a retail disc sans loader and just a black screen.

    This was an AWFUL idea. And it broke GC support.


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