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Thread: Bricked wii, never backed it up, need help now

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    Bricked wii, never backed it up, need help now

    Soi bricked my wii by updating it when it asked me to update it when i was trying to play gutiarhero 5
    now its just a black screen when i turn it on and i never backed it up
    is there anything i could do to fix this?

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    Without boot2 bootmii installed, or at least having a vulnerable boot1 to enable boot2 bootmii installation, you can not fix it. The problem is you downgraded your wii using a very old and poorly thought out method. Specifically you downgraded from a 4.X system menu, down to 3.2. System menu 3.2 runs on ios30, 3.4 ios50, 4.0/4.1 ios60, 4.2 ios70, 4.3 ios80. When the system menu 4.X was installed on your wii, it removed the system ios50 and replaced it with a stub of a higher version number. Then you downgraded, installing system ios30 (removing stub ios30), and installed SM 3.2. Now here is the problem, when you installed that disc update it detected that you had a lower version of SM and updated you to SM 3.4, but when it tried to install system ios50 it detected a newer version on the wii and the installation of system ios50 was not preformed. This unfortunatly leaves you with system menu 3.4 running on a stub ios50, which just does not work at all. This can easily be fixed using boot2 bootmii and installing a proper system ios and menu. Without boot2 bootmii you can not fix it without nand programming. Nand programming can be done on all wiis with a vulnerable boot1, or all wiis with a nand backup or nand key dump. So if you have a wii which does not support the installation of boot2 bootmii (no vulnerable boot1), the wii can not be fixed since you do not have a nand backup.

    If you do have boot2 bootmii installed, do chapter 2 of the softmod any wii guide and isntall all ios/cios and the 4.1 system menu files.

    Also, in to future be sure to remove any stubbed system ios sitting above your current system ios. If your on system ios30, make sure you don't have stub ios50, 60, or 70 above it as an update to those system will brick your wii.
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