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Thread: WiiFlow Stuck on Loading Screen

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    WiiFlow Stuck on Loading Screen

    Had no issues with latest guide,no error etc, same with setting up a FAT32 HD and moving games onto it.
    However WiiFlow just hangs on the WiiFlow logo screen at startup with black background. My Wii drive flashes blue and it just sits. No response if I do anything with controller.
    if I disconnect my HD or put it top USB slot it starts, just not finding games as expected.
    Drive and games are fine I think... USB loader GX (or whatever its called) sees them and plays just fine.

    Any suggestions?

    Black Wii running 4.3U

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    had a similar problem with an old version of wiiflow that seemed to have something to do with the folder my emunand was in. make sure you have the newest version Downloads - wiiflow - Open source Wii GUI USB Loader - Google Project Hosting and try disabling nand emulation in the ini file. if disabling nand boots, make sure your paths are right

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    It possible to get specific intruction on how to upgrade?
    I have V3.1 of WiiFlow now. Looks to be at 4.0.1.
    I'm pretty knew to this but am teck savvy.

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    Upgrade to 4.0.1 works great!


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