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Thread: Hulu plus advice for the less informed

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    Hulu plus advice for the less informed

    Please help me out here.

    My WII is all softmodded with priiloader etc and there are no problems at all with it. It's UK PAL 4.3E.

    Please put me out of my misery!

    I want the hulu channel on my wii. I cant get it via the shop channel, cos I'm UK and I cannot find any info on how I can overcome this.

    I found any region changer but my issue isnt with playing games.

    Can I change my shop channel region?

    Thnak in advance for your help.

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    Even if you change your region you still will not be able to use Hulu. It's your ip addy that makes it not work. You will have to use a us proxy server.

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    Thanks for reply skellinator,

    I did manage to change my region on the wii and download hulu plus. (After deleting my account)

    I had previously changed my wii DNS settings so I could my netflix with the overseas choices. This works OK. (much better than our UK choice and I haven't had to renew my DNS settings-yet).

    From here all I had to do was to change the old "Hz" video settings to stop hulu being a black screen, and I was away...

    Hulu Plus on a UK wii!! (No VPN tricks!)

    I am amazed that there is hardly any info out there!

    Hulu still not as good as netflix but I love the adverts on it, 'cos they are american!! (better than the progs!!!)

    Cheers all!
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