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Thread: Converted to FAT32, now what?

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    Converted to FAT32, now what?

    I successfully converted my wbfs HDD to fat32 with the wbfs2fat converter. Now I need to know what I gotta do next, to get these games working like before. I read the wbfstofat tutorial over a over, I don't understand the rest of it. I'm not sure what exactly I'm supposed to do now that it's in Fat32. In the HDD I see a list of files, such as RSBE0.0.
    I need a pointer of what I should do now, my eyes hurt from reading too much on white bg's for so long
    I have Wii backup Manager, so if I can do anything on that to fix anything, I'm ready for it

    My guess is that they need to be renamed to a proper name. But I had rename unchecked before the conversion. What names do the games need to be in?
    They are all in .1 and .0 format

    Edit: I've found my solution here
    So it was the file names that was the problem. I gotta rename .0 to .wbfs , and .1 to .wbfs1 . Then move the files to a wbfs folder
    Trust me, it took me a lot of reading to find this one post on a site, I got real lucky
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