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Thread: Wiiflow v4.0.1 with older mod

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    Wiiflow v4.0.1 with older mod

    I have a wii I modified using mauifrog's guide back in 11/2011. With all the changes like plugins and such with wiiflow v4 I am thinking about update. I have been searching around for a few days and feel ready to pull the trigger and do it. My question is mauifrogs current guide looks to get you to wiiflow r3XX and the link in his guide to wiiflow download location brings me to a error page. Is this guide going to get me where I am going?

    Also I am running d2x v3.1 so i assume I need to get to v8. I also think I should update to priloader v8 beta. I am also still on homebrew 1.1 so I need to that too. Maybe I just use his guide to update priloader and homebrew. Then use another guide to get d2x v8 and then install wiiflow following mauifrogs guide but using wiiflow v4.0.1 from the main google page.

    Any feelings of which path I should take?

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    I used latest guide (few days ago) and it came with V3.1 of WiiFlow. I'm having issues getting WiiFlow itself running so thinking to try 4.0.1 also.
    Any idea how I would upgrade?

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    Thanks for letting me know it is 3.1 in the guide. As for upgrading you get the newest version from google 's code page. Drop the boot.dol into your SD or hard drives app folder. Go into homebrew or mmm on the wii and run the wiiflow dol and it will install over your current version. If your above use of the guide was the hack of a virgin wii you might have other issues you need to fix first. I would post a sys check results to the syscheck thread so they can check it out.

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    Upgraded to 4.0.1, works great. Keep in mind I followed latest guide a few days ago on a Virgin Wii.
    WiiFlow did not work originally but works after update.


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