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Thread: USB Loader help! Please.

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    USB Loader help! Please.

    Hey, I just got a Wii, SD card, 16 gig USB flash drive, etc. I'm trying to figure out how to install USB Loader but the readme for it seems to be for 4.2 and not to mention it starts babbling about all kinds of stuff that well... is meaningless to me.

    Edit: ho'kay I got this. Everything is installed, I just to figure out how to get the game file from the disk to my pc and into ISO format now... Any suggestions? When I try to install a game onto the flashdrive I have placed in slot 0 (it reads 15 gigs free) the game starts to install but stops at 8.46% and seems to freeze. Wrong USB drive maybe?

    When I format it to fat32 (was formatted to ntsc) it gets to 9.80% then freezes.
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    assuming you have a good softmod and compatible usb device, it sounds like a bad disc. Is it scratched up? Does your wii read and play games fine from discs?

    what loader are you using to rip the game?

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    Seems i needed to reformat the drive using the downloaded appliccation used to convert the files to ISO's for the PC. Problem solved. Thanks guies, I don't know what I could have done without your help.

    I got it I think but thanks! Wasn't formatted right.
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