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Thread: neogamma ios reload error... game requesting ios56?

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    neogamma ios reload error... game requesting ios56?

    i am running system 4.1 i am trying to play a backup for my daughter. Well two games each is giving me an error with neogamma. I have other games i play in neogamma just fine.the games and error below.

    1. hello kitty seasons-i start neogamma- start game- then after a second screen says game requesting ios 56- ios reload block error. then my screen turns black and i have to turn off then on again to do anything.

    2. toy story 3- i start neogamma-start game-same thing happens above execpt game requests ios 58 i think it said. again black screen.

    system check is saying everything updated. i will post my system check report. any help would be nice. this is driving me crazy!

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    Post that syscheck. I suspect you may need to update your cIOS.


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